Josh Staley is a worshiper of Jesus Christ, Husband, DJ, Music Producer, Mix engineer, Editor, Podcast Host, MC, Live Sound Technician, Guitarist, and All Around Creative Soul.

Josh packs dance floors all over the USA but is usually performing in the best city ever, Columbus, OH. When he isn’t spinning at weddings, Buckeye events, or practicing in his studio. He is most likely at the movies, a concert, or traveling the world with his beautiful wife Michelle. Josh is in his fifth season of entertaining and cannot wait to see what the future holds for for him and the incredible Josh Staley Productions team. You can follow Josh on instagram @ dj_joshstaley.

Track list:
1. Low (Martynoff Moombahton Bootleg)
2. Party Up (Hooks Only -Quick Edit) Fusemania
3. Outta Your Mind x Mayhem (Jani Jani Blend/ Clean)
4. Yeah X Mayhem (Spryte 2018 Moombahton Bootleg)
5. Mi Gente x Make That Booty Go (Joe Maz Moombahton Bootleg)
6. Rosa Parks (Twerk Edit) Outkast- DJ Promote Edit
7. Let’s Go (Hype/ Twerk/Clean)- DJ Rocco & DJ Ever B x Fatman Scoop
8. Let Me Clear My Throat (Kaos Secret Stash 666 105-124 bpm transition)
9. Bel-Air (Chris Leao & Geminix x Fresh Prince)
10. Boasty (Grandtheft & Wuki Dub)
11. I Just Wanna Love U x hustler (Danny Diggz Then & Now Bootleg)
12. (All Around The World ( La La La) ( Original Mix) Clean JD Live Cut
13. I Want It That Way (Fusemania 2019 Bootleg)
14. Everybody Dance Now (The Mash-Up King Bootleg)
15. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Scooter Tribute Bootleg)
16. Jump x Jump Around (Scooter Bootleg)
17. HeavyDirtySoul (DJ Freefall Remix)
18. Tricky vs. Goosebumps (Short Mix) DJ Promote
19. Wow x Still D.R.E (Fraze Blend/ Clean)
20. Tipsy (Simo 128-95bpm Transition/ Quick Edit-Acapella Out)
21. Truth Hurts x Tipsy (Scooter Blend/ Clean)
22. Drop It Like It’s Hot vs Pop Lock & Drop it (Club Killers 92-70 Trans) Clean CK Cut
23. Crank Dat x Wobble (Jason Jani Dubstep/ Trap Bootleg) 16 beat intro
24. Look at My Dab (Arsenault Clean Edit) DJ Promote
25. Whistle Wars vs Turn Day To Night Blend vs Black Beatles
26. GDFR (HEADLNRS Alive Mashup)
27. Adrenaline x What You Know (MAKJ Trap Bootleg/Hype Acapella Intro)
29. Walk It Out x Talk It (Scooter Blend/ Clean)


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