7 years in the making, and I’m still reaching for the top. I have always had a strong love for music as it runs in the family. 7 years ago is when I decided to make it a career. I traveled to New York City to take a summer program class for Djing. The program lasted for 4 months. I was the only guinea pig in my class, but with a good ear for music. It taught me all the basics I needed to know and start. The rest was in my hands. Regardless, I am ALWAYS constantly learning and improving in my craft. When the program was over I came back home to Arizona. My plan was to build a name and brand. Get well known. (which i have accomplished) It didn’t happen right away. I was bouncing between jobs, and working small gigs on the side. In 2016 I got a job at a Company Radio Station, Entercom Radio for: LIVE 101.5 Phoenix, 94.5 KOOl Fm and KMLE 107.9 as a Promo Rep. With them the team would do small remotes to setting up BIG concert remotes. The following year I was persistent in asking to DJ the BIG setups as they would have other djs come and play for the listeners/fans going into the concerts. Eventually, I became the main STREET DJ for All 3 stations.

From working at the radio station, I managed to work with some amazing talent/ mentors. That helped me get my foot in the door for local bars/ clubs all around the Valley. 2018 I made my first Festival debut for our Phoenix Pride Festival, as an opener. In 2019 I made my 2nd debut in the Festival by headlining!

Due to COVID-19/Pandemic, my radio days came to an end. As all “part time” employees had to be let go. I needed to start from the ground up again and still manage my DJ career. Due to those circumstances, Phoenix Pride Festival was rescheduled to November of 2021. Where I headlined for the 2nd time. While the world was slowly opening up again, my Dj Career was kick starting all over again. From the very first year I started, leading to this day, I have become and am still becoming a very well known Female Dj in the Phoenix, Scottsdale Old Town Area.

As the only girl amongst 4 brothers I’ve always been labeled “The Princess”. Not only while growing up, but as I navigated my way through my career, I’ve been lucky enough to be mentored by some pretty heavy hitters. I’m always the “little sister” and solo girl in the group. Thankfully, I dont have the diva attitude associated with typical self proclaimed princesses, but I do have the capabilities to rise to the top while I grow as the artist/entertainer I strive to become. So as you follow me on this journey…Please recognize that “THE PRINCESS IS HERE”

No Diggity (Scooter Vocal House Bootleg)
Hollaback Girl (Dusty & Funky Remix / Dirty)
Just A Lil Bit x Take It (Fabian Bootleg / Clean)
Best Friend (Ray Isaac Remix / Dirty)
One Time Last Night (Kue’s Disco Tool Bootleg)
Save Dat Money (Clean-Danny Diggz Hood House Bootleg) – 5A
Boys (Dave Aude Remix / Clean)
Victorious (DJ Prime Remix / Clean)
Only Girl x Mind Control (Azello Remix) (Danny Diggz Then & Now Bootleg)
Good Life (REBRND Remix) (Clean)
Genie In A Bottle x Indifferent (Sam Collins Bootleg)
Body Language (Liam Keegan Remix / Clean)
Rock Your Body (Division 4 2019 Remix)
Do It To It (Kyllow Remix / Clean)
What Would You Do x Teach Me (Scooter Bootleg / Clean)
Holiday x Don’t Start Now (Fabian Bootleg)
Buttons (Pobeda Bootleg RMX / 126-110bpm / Ends Cold)
All I Want For Christmas (DJ Skillz Redrum)



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