Joe Maz of DiscoTech posted this tweet a few days ago and it had me thinking about the transformation that the DJ Culture has gone thru over the past decade. We went from carrying crates of vinyl and having limited selections, to having the ability to carry our entire musical collections on a thumb drive. Popular music will always dominate the dance floor, but its the DJ’s who go out there as Joe Maz put it, “educate the crowd” and “try out new records” will always be remembered.

In a recent conversation, DJ AM’s name was brought up, and his infamous Power 106  DJ set. I can still remember the moment the guitar strings to Lynyrd Skynyrd “Sweet Home Alabama” were scratched into a hip-hop set. To me, That moment cemented “open format” for me, and affirmed what DJ Z-Trip and DJ P did with “Uneasy Listening” a few years before. The possibilities became endless.

We all play the same records, from the same sources. Time to dig deeper for those hidden gems, forgotten classics, b-sides and edits others don’t have. What do you have to lose besides gaining a better understanding and knowledge of music if you don’t try. Be different. Take Risks.





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