Soundcloud. A very touchy subject if you are a DJ in 2016. The site operated under a grey area for many years and became successful on the backs of DJs, producers and remixers. That all started coming to an abrupt end when Soundcloud began making deals with the major record labels. Content began to be taken down at an alarming rate. With the 3 strike rule, Many DJs found themselves banned complete from the site.

DJs to this day continue to post content on the site, most disregarding the rules. I believe both Soundcloud and the record labels should have put a system in place to provide the ability to monetize the content, in the same fashion you can monetize videos on YouTube. There are a lot of legalities involved, specially if you aren’t a copyright holder of the material you post. I’d love your feedback on this subject. Is Soundcloud worth it anymore? We’d like to know.


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