The DJ industry isn’t exactly know for health and fitness.

From late nights, to over eating and indulging in too much booze – the life of a DJ isn’t quite as glamorous as a rockstar, but we face many of the same demons.

Personally, I’ve faced a lot of the poisons and traps involved with our industry; especially as a business owner that puts in about 50 – 60 hours of office work in addition to DJing 3 – 4 nights a week.

What are some of the biggest demons in the DJ business?

1. Booze
2. Unhealthy/fast foods
3. Lack of sleep
4. Too much alcohol

Of course, you don’t have to fall victim and be the stereotypically unhealthy out of shape DJ. I certainly am not the only one in our industry that has made changes to my daily routines to incorporate exercise and eating right; helping to prolong my longevity in a field that is increasingly becoming a younger man’s game.

Two years ago I looked in the mirror and decided to make fitness a priority.

What were the changes I made?

1. I started going to the gym. I wasn’t a gym guy prior to 2016. Yes, I flirted with lifting weights or doing crossfit before, but this time around I made it part of my lifestyle. I worked with a trainer to come up with an ever-evolving routine of weights, cardio and functional training to keep things fun and interesting.

2. Meal prep. This is clutch if you live a busy life. My trainer helped me to devise a meal plan to help me reach my goals. By prepping meals every 4 days you’ve got healthy food ready to go, this way you’re not tempted to grab fast food or delivery when you’re hungry. I prep my own meals, but there are many services throughout the nation that prep and deliver if you’re not a fan of cooking.

3. Drinking less booze. Drinking more water. In the world of DJing clubs it’s super easy to fall into the trap of accepting shots from every DJ homie, appreciative fan or super hot female that offers you one. I actually have a saying I use, “I don’t drink from tiny glasses.” I do love shots, but I save them for when I’m out with homies. I actually rarely drink when I DJ now, and when I do I sip on a craft beer or two (Shout out Kevin Scott!). If you’re looking to avoid beer Vodka and club is a go-to. As far as water goes, I try to drink two gallons a day which is a lot easier than you might realize and definitely have a big glass in between every drink.

Making those changes alone will have you feeling worlds better. But remember, the key is to make it a lifestyle, not a crash thing. You might not see visible results for a few months, but you will feel better almost immediately.

As far as the sleeping thing goes, I’m still trying to work on that.

If anyone has any fitness or diet related questions feel free to shout at me via Facebook or Instagram @DJAlexNepa

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