Ladies and Gentlemen: The SSL vs SDJ argument rages on. It seems to be very fierce on either side of the token, with ScratchLive users happy with the final product of 2.5.0 despite lacking any future support, and SeratoDJ users adopting all the new features and hardware (That S9 mixer is nifty).

ScratchLive continues to work out of the box for everyone that still uses it. The same can’t be said for SeratoDJ. It is a functioning app, but it is still far from perfect and not everyone has or will make the leap to it. Issues with stability, distorted sound, audio dropouts and new bugs appearing each time a new functionality is introduced are a few reasons why some opt to not convert to SDJ.

Let’s face it. We can sit here and bash each other over our preferred DVS solution. The crowds don’t care. They want you to play their favorite songs, and for you to take them on a musical journey. Use what works best for you and keep it moving. There are so many options today outside of the Serato world. Look at Pioneer. Rekordbox alone is allowing DJs to completely ditch the laptop experience, and their new DVS is a promising alternative. Time will tell.


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