The magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff felt compelled to write a public Facebook posting on this subject. I believe at his level in the DJ game, Nobody should be trying to request songs from him. As for you and me, It can vary. I know DJ’s that take no requests whatsoever. I know DJ’s that play every request handed to them. I personally take all requests “into consideration”. Meaning, If its something that will fit the vibe and flow of the night, I will consider playing it.

The problem begins with peoples attitudes towards the DJ. They expect everything they want and never take NO for an answer. I can’t begin to tell you how confrontational people get because you won’t play a song or simply don’t have it. Respect is pretty much out the window. You are seen as a human jukebox and are to play as such. I don’t fall into that line of thinking. I do believe that if people are courteous and give their request some thought, It can work.

If you go out, Get on the dance floor and LET THE DJ DO THEIR JOB!

Do you agree with DJ Jazzy Jeff’s statement? What are your thoughts on the subject of song requests?




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