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SoundCloud uses an automated system to identify and block uploaded content that’s copyright protected, including tracks in DJ mixes and bootlegs, mashups and remixes; however, to date SoundCloud has not had extensive licensing deals with major labels. Kaskade’s SoundCloud still has an extensive selection of his original tracks and remixes, for the time being, and the producer has been particularly generous in giving away free music of late, releasing his back-catalogue one album at a time on YouTube every Monday since February. But this isn’t the first time he’s expressed disappointment with the mechanics of getting music to his fans.

“So as you may or may not know, I am in between labels now,” Kaskade – who has been aligned with Ultra Music – tweeted back in March. “Meaning, I don’t have a REAL way to release music… As my career progressed and more importantly, as more people discovered this kind of music, it has become increasingly difficult to get music out and heard… Which is cool – things change and move forward, so as of right now I am just chilling, figuring out what is next.”

It looks like he now has that idea planned out – Kaskade announced on Twitter that he’d be following in the footsteps of Deadmau5 and launching his own custom music portal, tweeting, “Yes, so I will move forward with constructing my own portal where I can share what I like when I like.” More details on exactly what that will entail are still to come.




Drew Pierce

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