Mix #70 we have THE WANDERER from So. California. He has been in the club industry for over eighteen years, The Wanderer made a name for himself by spinning ‘80s music in Los Angeles nightclubs throughout the ‘90s. As the scene changed, so did The Wanderer. Deciding to broaden his music type and diversify his fan base, he changed his approach. He now plays many genres of dance music, open format being his favorite. In addition to his mixing talents he is now producing, editing, and remixing for several popular DJ remix, video and edit sites. Wanderer remixes and edits have exploded in the scene and you can find many DJs around the globe enhancing their sets with his work. His high energy and passion for music is well represented in his live performances as well as his remixes and edits. Download and Listen to his old school mix that he made for us at DMS.

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Check out the tracklist after the jump with links to download all of the edit’s he used in this mix. Be sure to check back every Monday for a brand new mix.


1. Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force – Planet Rock (DMS Intro)

2. Freestyle – The Party Has Just Begun (Wanderer Edit)

3. B.O.S.E. – Rock The World (Wanderer Edit)

4. Twilight 22 – Electric Kingdom (DMS Intro)

5. Cybotron – Clear (Edit) (DMS Intro)

6. Anquette – Shake It (Do The 61st) (Wanderer Edit)

7. Sly & The Family Stone – Dance to the Music (DMS Intro)

8. Egyptian Lover – Egypt Egypt (Back Spins Remix)

9. 2 Live Crew – Get It Girl (Short)

10.Pretty Tony – Fix It In The Mix (Wanderedit)

11.Run DMC – You Be Illin’ (DMS Intro)

12.Jive Rhythm Tracks – 122 B.P.M. (Wanderer Edit)

13.Orbit – The Beat Goes On (Wanderer Edit)

14.Four Tops – Sugar Pie Honey Bunch (Redrum) (Acapella Out) (DMS Intro)

15.Megatrons – Rock The Planet (Wanderer Edit)

16.Channel One – Technicolor (Wanderer Edit)

17.Newcleus – Computer Age (Push The Button) (Wanderer Edit)

18.Gucci Crew II – Sally (That Girl) (Dirty) (DMS Intro)

19.Egyptian Lover – Girls (Wanderer Edit)

20.P Crew – Nasty Rock (DMS Intro)

21.Uncle Jamm’s Army – Dial-A-Freak (Wanderer Edit)

22.MC Shy D – Shake It (Dirty Short Edit) (DMS Intro)

23.Sleeze Boyz – Robocop (DMS Intro)

24.Afro-Rican – Give It All You Got (DMS Intro)

25.Fast Lane – Young Ladies (DMS Intro)

26.RUN DMC – It’s Tricky (Short Edit) (DMS Intro)

27.Melle Mel & Duke Bootee – Message II (Wanderer Edit)

28.Gap Band – Party Train (DMS Intro)

29.Rodney O – Your Chance To Rock (Wanderer Edit)

30.2 Live Crew – Do Wah Diddy (Dirty) (Super Short Edit) (DMS Intro)

31.Devine Sounds – What People Do For Money (Wanderer Edit)

32.Debbie Deb – When I Hear Music (Wanderer Edit)

33.LA Dream Team – The Dream Team Is In The House (Short Edit) (DMS Intro)

34.Royalclash – Radio Active (DJ Friendly)

35.George Kranz – Din Daa Daa (Short Edit) (DMS Intro)

36.Rodney O & Joe Cooley – Supercuts (Say Yeah Boy) (Short Edit) (DMS Intro)

37.Freestyle – Don’t Stop The Rock (DMS Intro)

38.LA Dream Team – Rockberry Jam (Short Edit) (DMS Intro)

39.Freeez – I.O.U. (Short Edit) (DMS Intro)

40.Rock Master Scott – The Roof Is On Fire (Dirty) (DMS Intro)

41.Midnight Star – Freak-A-Zoid (Short Edit) (DMS Intro)

42.Sexual Harassment – I Need A Freak (Short Edit) (DMS Intro)

43.Strafe – Set it Off (DMS Intro)

Drew Pierce

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