Let the Record Show – the crate-dug interview series in which artists discuss their favorite songs of all time as the tracks spin on vinyl – is back with its “Socially Distant Series” of video-conferenced episodes. Episode 42 features producer/instrumentalist RJD2, who just released his new album “The Fun Ones.”

RJ picks a series of timeless records that have influenced him over the years and helped shape him as a producer. From 90s hip-hop (A Tribe Called Quest) to 60s jazz (John Coltrane) to 70s soul (Cutis Mayfield) to 80s R&B (Chaka Khan), RJ selects ten crate dug classics that span multiple genres. Listening to these songs with a producer’s ear, RJ breaks down the respective brilliance of each, from both a technical and music-loving perspective. He also gives a glimpse into the process and philosophy behind his new album, “The Fun Ones”, while surrounded in a room full of vintage synths.

RJD2’s appearance on Let the Record Show marks the 42nd episode in the series and the seventh episode of Season 4.



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