Let the Record Show, the crate-dug interview series in which artists discuss their favorite songs of all time as the tracks spin on vinyl, continues its third season today, as hosts Mike Pizzo and Warren Peace speak with Orange County, NY cult rap heroes The Doppelgangaz.

The duo of EP (Erik Sakla) and Matter Ov Fact (Matt Bennett) stopped through SON Studios in Las Vegas to sit down with the Let the Record Show crew, mulling over a two fistfuls of classic vinyl cuts that influenced their sound. With clear inspiration from both coasts in their music, it’s no surprise that the two selected classic rap selections from each Nas, Mobb Deep, Kurupt, 2Pac, and others. Leaning heavily on sample-based beats, we also see selections of R&B classics from the likes of Midnight Star, Cameo, and Bobby Caldwell.

With their YouTube channel boasting over 6 million cumulative views and tens of millions of streams across both Spotify and Apple Music, The Doppelgangaz have independently carved out a loyal, dedicated fanbase. With seven full-length studio albums and several instrumental and EP projects in their catalog, The Doppelgangaz look forward to the 2020 releases of their eighth LP, Black Cloak Lifestyle, as well as G-Pack Vol. 2 and Beats for Brothers Vol. 5, each of which they speak about in this episode.


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