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DJ Joey G
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DJ Lazy Boy
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Please take a minute to read about these two DJ’s who need your help.

DJ Joey G (Joe Gencarelli) lost his lower leg after battling infection, he needs a prosthetic and has med bills way over the 50K he asking for. Joey’s story and donation page———-> HERE

DJ Lazy Boy (Gregory Sherrell) lost many of his teeth due to cancer treatment and needs 45k to have them replaced.
Greg’s story and donation page ———–> HERE

We’re trying get 5000 DJs to donate $20 a piece ($10 dollars to each cause) which is 100K total. We’d like everyone who does that to email with their name and state to be put on a published list.

Lazy Boy has a week headstart on reaching his goal, so after that’s reached, we’ll try to get $20 donations for Joey. Obviously donations of all amounts are gratefully accepted.

For more information check out this FACEBOOK PAGE

Drew Pierce

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