Kevin Scott – “I’m finally releasing this live mix from Labor Day Weekend 2011 in Cincinnati. The Righteous Room is one of the many bars owned by 4EG in Cincinnati, a company that I’ve been working for since early 2007. As a tradition, every Labor Day Weekend, I head to Cincinnati for 2 nights to DJ at The Righteous Room on Saturday and the infamous Mt. Adam’s Pavilion on Sunday night for the massive WEBN fireworks display afterparty. I always look forward to spinning at The Righteous Room because I can break from the normal club constraints and play music of all genres. In this live mix, you will hear 80s, 90s, classic hip hop, indie dance, 60s soul, 70s classic rock and more! It’s really liberating to have a fun room where anything goes… I think this mix reflects exactly what I’m talking about. As DJs, playing a truly open format set like this with no restrictions is almost impossible these days, so a BIG thank you to 4EG for letting my do my thing! This is a mix for your car, a day by the pool, pre-partying or any other occasion where you don’t want to hear the usual club music mix. Since the mix is 100% live, expect to hear some less than perfect mixes and transitions but, all in all, I think it came out pretty well. And don’t worry, I don’t expect you to get the genius “theme” oriented mixes on first listen such as “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” into “All She Wants To Do Is Dance” into “She Drives Me Crazy”… but I do hope you enjoy the overall vibe of the almost 2 hour set! Shout out to the homie Fuseamania for the DOPE artwork for the mix:”

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