“Hova’s newest business enterprise is soon to become the “other” New York team, and he’s making sure that people recognize that these Nets are a world apart from the team that made New Jersey home for almost 30 years. With a new color scheme to complement a minimal logo, Jay and his partners have created what he describes as, “the new badge for Brooklyn.” Brooklyn finally has a sports franchise after a long dry spell, and Jay-Z has invigorated his hometown neighborhood with a bold statement.

The simple combination of black and white for the Net’s color scheme is a powerful message that will register across the Five Burroughs. Jay-Z was ,”instrumental” in the new logo design, which “demonstrate the confidence we have in our new direction … The new colors and logos are examples of our commitment to update and refine all aspects of the team.”

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Jay-Z – Heart of The City (DIRTY- Diggz “Quantized” Quick Mix)

Drew Pierce

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