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Thank you to our customers for all of their feedback & praise about our new site! We are still working hard on a daily basis to squash bugs and improve the site.

With that said, we are happy to announce that DMS 2.1 is here! We have made the following improvements to the site:

— We have brought back the popular Web Search feature! It’s now available by clicking on the “Web Search” tab at the top of the music page.
— Tracks no longer autoplay when clicking download or wishlist.
— We have added up & down arrows for column header you sort for easier sorting.
— Tracks playing in player stop after each preview.
— You can now remove a song on the Wishlist page by clicking the star.
— Songs you have downloaded now grey out so you know what you have downloaded. You can download these files again within 30 minutes but after that they become inactive. This is to prevent password sharing. Those files will be available to download again one month later.
— Fixed the paging bug when clicking on page 2 after logging in showed files from 2007 by mistake. This now shows the correctly dated files.
— A few bad uploads have been removed from the active database.

Once again, a big thank you to all our customers for their support & feedback. Our goal is to make the DMS customer experience the best it can be! If you find additional bugs or have improvement suggestions, we are all ears, simply email us:

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Drew Pierce

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