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This past Monday, the entire DMS crew headed out to Las Vegas for our 3rd Annual DMS Employee Party. This years’ party was held at XS Nightclub inside the Encore Hotel & Casino and featured DMS supporters Dave Fogg & MakJ on the opening sets and the one & only Diplo headlining. The crew did it’s fair share of partying: 15 total bottles including 10 bottles of vodka, 2 bottles of patron & 3 bottles of champagne… not to mention 4 rounds of patron shots for the whole crew. Check out the pics after the jump to see more mayhem from this EPIC night in sin city!

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Diplo twerk contest

 photo 3589e07a-ad2e-4b34-820c-fda63111096a_zps7f1cb839.jpg

Diplo judging the twerk contest

 photo 7b481b48-7902-4fe3-8386-f2ef53fc431a_zpscd7ecd51.jpg

Diplo on the decks

 photo 92e623c8-cd32-486f-9207-ce626c39cab8_zpse17448b1.jpg

Kevin Scott, Warren Peace, Danny Diggz, Diplo, & Dave Fogg

 photo 66f812bb-5e2c-450b-add6-ae9a3a6e6833_zps8c3943ca.jpg

MakJ on the decks

 photo 98a080ad-12fe-4359-bc18-9825643abcc7_zps8e35abd5.jpg

Dave Fogg on the decks

 photo 9db9b3c3-6a53-4519-a140-7c09adac682f_zps0a703735.jpg

Simo, Fuseamania, & Jason Bee

 photo 636a4360-84fe-4e6f-a052-060e62ba507b_zps2b22a84e.jpg

Spryte, Wanderer, Alvin Duke, Whitematic, Bedtime, Warren Peace, Fabian, Drew Pierce

 photo a372d5fc-1640-49f3-8419-ec2126d35725_zps5f7e76b2.jpg

Danny Diggz, Kevin Scott, Warren Peace, Spryte, Bedtime, & Alvin Duke

 photo 61046019-5e46-429c-9f53-1e815d3e5aee_zpsd215473c.jpg

Kevin Scott, Warren Peace, Bedtime, Alvin Duke

 photo c66dd15a-b668-4223-94ee-b5d81c95d0f2_zps49de1eb8.jpg

Danny Diggz, Kevin Scott & Scooter

 photo 29be8ede-e679-4647-b340-49b84d09d4d9_zps3dfb5116.jpg

View from our table at XS

 photo 42fa1b51-31bb-4f1d-9aa0-0fe0c34c45c8_zps5e77fe43.jpg

Kevin Scott & Donk

 photo 40c30498-739f-42ff-81d1-7ea10f4eb704_zpsf18580e4.jpg

Dave Fogg, Jason Bee, Warren Peace, Spryte, Wanderer, & Scott Masters

 photo e34bcea0-885b-4b03-8b30-7348800ecd91_zps68ffbf28.jpg

Jason Bee & Warren Peace

 photo 6d4187bf-884b-41fc-b5d5-c95a914b1843_zps57b4a80e.jpg

Kevin Scott, & Spryte

 photo e8f9bb42-b476-4fa9-810a-a7f8f00083d0_zps3f7b2d4b.jpg

Simo, Fuseamania, & Spryte

 photo 8d6ca9f5-7204-4716-bc4c-df5bb77157c4_zpsa88a3299.jpg

Wanderer & Bedtime

 photo 42562ddc-f834-4691-bdfa-4a6068e7ba28_zpsad36c4fa.jpg

Bedtime & Drew Pierce

 photo f40b6e89-ae09-4155-afcb-5f6402a55e32_zps1339938d.jpg

Confetti blasts when Diplo jumped on the decks

 photo 1b36dbe1-7d2c-44f0-b20f-e7caf1588ae8_zpsd6d2280b.jpg


 photo 48ae35b2-d95d-4728-a66e-eebf7cbc30f7_zps9272366c.jpg

Donk, Warren Peace, & DMS Bottle of Goose

 photo 28a64b31-c340-484a-b374-a32ca0e1eb4c_zpsf3911d0b.jpg

Drew Pierce, Donk, Melissa aka DJ Etchasketch, CFLO, & Fuseamania

 photo 75c761af-93f8-4549-8311-61bfe4dce6b7_zps18344277.jpg

Jon, Kevin Scott, & Warren Peace

 photo 9855d12a-61ee-46c3-b179-2299e6b561a4_zpsa70a036a.jpg

Pre dinner party at PF Changs, before the alcohol started flowing.

 photo 81dcd2f2-e1b9-4a70-b95b-dee770c261dc_zps3e4ee9f2.jpg

Dinner with the crew at PF Changs.

 photo 6f09919b-aa23-47c9-9554-4b25134967a9_zps9f744b17.jpg

After hours trying to make it to Tacos El Gordo before it closed, but we were to late.

 photo 489274a5-3080-44aa-977b-714a06c12092_zps9fcbca2e.jpg

Instead we went to Peppermill.

 photo d9177e9c-f453-409b-bde6-ccd6f7eedc76_zps669df724.jpg

Alvin Duke, Bedtime, Monique, & Wanderer

 photo 65866019-5644-4b75-86fb-5bbfb7c74f5a_zps9237523a.jpg

Jason Bee, Benny C, Kevin Scott, Donk, Drew Pierce

 photo 7fdd4a96-d443-46a0-aaa3-4fa44da03403_zpsd80e76f9.jpg

Spryte, Fuseamania, Simo, Danny Diggz, Scooter, Warren Peace

 photo 390458ba-8600-4f52-978c-69a7f5d775f1_zps05ca5fd9.jpg

Scott Masters

 photo a5f44810-6c5d-442b-857c-dcc3e994d116_zps2cf62127.jpg

Donk, Drew Pierce, Benny C, Jason Bee, & Warren Peace stumbling home at the end of the night.

 photo 760a5cf9-e0b6-40fd-966f-0991c98a6c4d_zpsb9cf11a6.jpg

Spryte, Danny Diggz & Fuseamania stumbling home at the end of the night.

Drew Pierce

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