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Yahoo is getting in the reality-TV business with one of the genre’s biggest stars. Mr. Cowell and EDM-centric production company SFX Entertainment had announced the series last year but had yet to sign a distribution deal. At the time the show was to be called “Ultimate DJ” and would start as an online competition that has the DJs post songs and earn votes and then the show would follow with live performances.

According to people briefed on Yahoo’s plans, the show will mix pre-recorded and live segments and is expected to air weekly once it premieres on Yahoo Screen. It’s unclear whether Yahoo will ask people to vote for their favorite DJs through Tumblr, though the people speculated that would be the case.

Yahoo appears to be going after Millennial-aged viewers with the series. “This type of show would seem to appeal to people who go out clubbing and feel more comfortable cutting the cord and using over-the-top services,” said Horizon Media Senior VP-Research Brad Adgate.

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Drew Pierce

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