If your a beginning DJ or just want to learn a few tricks like the dog in the video above, check out this article the folks over at DJ TechTools put together that breaks down all the online schools that teach you how to scratch.


“An awesome DJ set rarely comes down to which equipment you use – it’s singularly about the sound you deliver. That is, unless you want to scratch. The tools of the turntablism trade are relatively simple, the techniques have evolved at a glacial pace compared with other DJ disciplines, but it’s an artform that is anything but simple to master. So where does the budding DMC turntablist champion go to get the very best education on “cuttin’ it up rough”? In this article, we look at some of the online resources out there that will build those flares, tame your crabs and keep those chirps tight.


We’re looking at four of the more popular scratch academies available online and at a price that most people can afford. When looking at each school we compared at curriculum structure, quality of the training content being offered, school features and value for money.


The bottom line is that each of the schools listed in this article are covered because they have something significant to offer. As to which school is right for you is going to depend on how you learn and how much you can afford.” READ MORE

Drew Pierce

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