Milla Jovovich –

“You know like (starts rapping) “I say lay down and unbutton your bra they was the biggest titties that a n*gga ever saw. I said damn, and the air got thinner, only thought in my mind was goin’ up in her. The suspense was makin’ me sick, she pulled her panties down, and the b*tch had a d*ck. I said damn, drop the gat from my hand. What I thought was a b*tch was nothing but a man.”

Yeah, that definitely changed my world. In a great way, actually, because I had been raised by a very strict Eastern European family and this was sort of my call for freedom. You know, I had started working at such a young age. I was 9 years old, and my mom always had so much control, and pretty much through Eazy-E, and that kind of like freedom, that I found to wear baggy jeans and big t-shirts and baseball caps and just act like ‘yeah, whatever’

MJ: Like me trying to be a kid, I guess. You know, that was definitely a pivotal moment. And then just Eazy’s voice, man. Ah, the rhythm, everything. It was the first time that anybody was hearing that stuff. So yeah, that was a big wakeup call and definitely a big influence for me, rhythmically and sonically, and just as an artist going ‘wow’ there’s a whole other reality out there.”



Drew Pierce

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