DJ Brian Guinness resides in Northern Kentucky, and works in around the Greater Cincinnati area. For the past 21 years Brian has been DJing Weddings, Corporates Events and Night Life around the Greater Cincinnati area. The past two years Brian has phased out much of his mobile work to focus just on Night Life. Currently he maintains a residency at The Blind Pig Cincinnati. The Blind Pig, and Cincinnati, has allowed (within the local rules and protocols) day DJ sets this summer and fall for live DJ opportunities. The following mix was recorded live during an early afternoon set while at the Blind Pig. “I had been downloading via DMS one afternoon and noticed a bunch of interesting covers and remixes of some classics. I threw them in a crate, and hit record at the bar. I ran through a 30 minute set and here we are. Just something funky as a change of pace to tracks we all know. Enjoy!” Brian


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