Let the Record Show, the crate-dug interview series in which artists discuss their favorite songs of all time as the tracks spin on vinyl, continues its third season today, as hosts Mike Pizzo and Warren Peace welcome back Chromeo’s Dave 1, who is the first returning guest to the series.

Originally appearing in episode 7 of Let the Record Show back in 2018, the man legally known as David Macklovitch stops through the show once again to wax poetically about more of his favorite tracks of all time. From J Dilla to Fleetwood Mac, Pete Rock to Phoenix, all bases are covered, including whether or not he has had the Mobb Deep “Quiet Storm” / “White Lines” conversation yet with Duran Duran’s John Taylor, whose daughter he just became engaged to.

Toward the end of the hour-long conversation, Dave begins to reveal details about the sound of Chromeo’s next album, as well as plans for an imprint label. “On the next joint, I’m doing some Prince Dirty Mind, 4-track [recorder] songs. Not the whole way. I want to try that, because we’ve never done that.”

“We are producing other artists. This [“Right Back Home to You”] is where I’m going next. Late night, what DJ Spinna would deejay. That’s Ian Isiah [singing on “Right Back Home to You”], we’ve got a whole project with him. He’s going to be our first artist to come out on our own label,” he revealed.

“It would kind of be this… adult, rare groove, smokey. Maybe a little bit of Air, in terms of the slickness, but… this,” referring to how “Right Back Home to You” could shape the sound of their next album. “It’s more like, for the heads, but less thought over. A little more pure. If you’re into hip-hop, you’ll like this. If you’re into electronic, you’ll like this.”

“Also, just, like, other songs that we’ve never referenced with Chromeo… I really want to go in on, like, Patrice Rushien. That ‘Forget Me Nots’ thing…” explained Macklovitch. “I like this sort of warmth. I want to find some warmth, and some stuff that we can just put on at home and groove… Or like, songs like [Asha Puthli ] “Space Talk”… George Duke deep cuts, some Herbie. Kind of, flirt with jazz a little more.”

Dave explained that the new direction will allow his bandmate P-Thugg to dig deep into his collection of vintage synths.

“P’s going to be happy, because now I’m like ‘Go ahead, put all of your expensive chords in there.’ For years, I was like ‘No! Do not give me those gospel chords; it’s too complicated. Now I’m like ‘Go ‘head. Put a 13th. Go. Put a 9th, put an 11th. Go. Because I want to flirt with that jazz, Herbie thing,’ he laughed.

“I don’t know if the whole album [will be finished in 2020], but we’ll have some songs next year… I just want it to be very free, because this album was so… thought over.”



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