Let the Record Show, the crate-dug interview series in which artists discuss their favorite songs of all time as the tracks spin on vinyl, continues its third season today, as hosts Mike Pizzo and Warren Peace sit down with legendary Dogg Pound emcee Kurupt.

Growing up in Philadelphia and later moving to Hawthorne, California, Kurupt was influenced by both east and west coast hip-hop classics that are revealed in this episode. From the prophetic teachings of KRS-One and Public Enemy to the nasty raps of Too $hort and N.W.A, Kurupt has lyrics from both ends of the country embedded in his brain.

Kurupt recounts tales of the early Death Row Records era and the Philadelphia battle rap scene, including his first group A.L.P. and The K.I.D. Kurupt also reveals his thoughts on Dr. Dre’s shelved Rakim album “Oh My God”. An episode that is equal parts hilarious and touching, Kurupt is also seen singing along to ballads from Prince and Patti LaBelle.

Kurupt’s appearance on Let the Record Show marks the eighteenth episode in the series and the third episode released this year.

Listen to all of the songs discussed in this episode via the Spotify playlist HERE

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