With the biggest range of options since vinyl’s heyday (even bargain supermarket Aldi is getting involved), choosing which turntable is right for you can be hard work. Do you go for levitating one? Or perhaps even a little vehicle that runs rings around your records to play them wherever you go?

But sometimes, you just want the bare basics. A small, portable new player that strips away all the unnecessary functions that you’ll probably ever need. Step forward, Spinbox – a new Kickstarter which is an absolute treat for vinyl heads and budget-shoppers everywhere.

The idea behind it is simple. The company provide you with all the bare necessities to build your own record player and leave you to it. It comes with all the bits and pieces you need to to create your own mini-player and some instructions (but you’re not going to look at them, are you?), and they say it can be built in “just 18 minutes”. Here’s a little video which shows the few steps for what you need to do.

The player also comes with built-in speakers and plays at three different speeds, but if you’ve already got a decent sound system to hook it up to – it comes with some options to connect it to that too.

[via NME]

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Drew Pierce

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