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The staff at DMS is proud to announce the arrival of the official mobile app of Direct Music Service to the iTunes store! The DMS mobile app brings the functionality of our website straight to your mobile device along with Dropbox integration. You can now prepare for your gig anytime, anywhere, without wifi, all on your phone. The new DMS mobile app changes the way DJ’s do their work.

Members can log into their DMS account, browse, search and sort our vast music catalogue, preview music and select their favorite tracks by adding them to their Wishlist by clicking the heart icon. Our library is searchable by new releases, decades, specific year, genre or dj tools and can be sorted by BPM, artist or most recently added.

With added Dropbox support, customers can link their Dropbox account and send music files directly from their Wishlist to their personal Dropbox. If Dropbox isn’t an option, members can add files into their Wishlist for later downloading directly on the DMS website in the Wishlist tab. Members also have access to our blog front page and account information directly on their phone. The best site for DJ’s just got better with the DMS mobile app!


Drew Pierce

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