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DMS Owner Warren Peace was recently named ‘Best Veteran DJ’ in Las Vegas. Watch the clip above of the brand new Drais Beach Club Nigthclub at the all new Cromwell Hotel in Las Vegas, where he is the head resident DJ.

About Warren Peace-

‘His résumé is as long as the book for which he’s named. This is not some scenester who figured out how to game a mixer; this is someone who has immersed himself in music all his life, helped establish the foundation of the local nightlife scene, paid his dues with college radio shows and less-savory DJ gigs, and played to thousands of clubbers a night over the past three decades. But how good is the new Drai’s head resident? Enough to headline that hot new space, and get heavyweights like Deadmau5 and Skrillex to big-up him in front of their audiences.’

[via las vegas weekly]

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