Late last year, Sonny Moore, the sub-bass scientist and superstar dubstep-importer better known as Skrillex, invited Rolling Stone to his Los Angeles studio, where he had a surprise in store: He was putting the finishing touches on a secret album. It would be the EDM titan’s first full-length release, and even some people in Moore’s own circles had no idea it was coming. The album would be called Recess, and Moore’s approach as he worked, he said, was “taking my sound and expanding on it, but being more playful, taking it to different places. I never made pure club music early on. All the first Skrillex releases were hard to mix into, the b.p.m. was changing, there’s no count-ins, things aren’t on 8-bar measures, so like, now I’m back to that point again.” Read the rest of the article HERE.

[via rollingstone]



Drew Pierce

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