As anyone who’s listened to Yeezus already knows, the world of Kanye West is a strange and wonderful place, filled with allusions to classical architecture, appearances by Daft Punk and, of course, croissants. But few were aware that it also contained time travel, heroic quests and clones of Tupac Shakur–or, at least, it does according to the game Kanye Quest 3030.

Kanye Quest is an entirely unofficial, unauthorized roleplaying game by independent game developer Phenix, in which the player assumes the role of West as he accidentally falls into a wormhole in the year 2010 and ends up in the year 3030–Deltron having since moved on to the next century–where he has to deal with what the makers of the game describe as “a dystopian city filled with clones of hip-hop musicians and under the control of a god-like dictator.”

Amongst those cloned musicians? West’s occasional partner-in-crime Jay Z, Nicki Minaj. MF Doom and (of course) Tupac. Luckily, he can defend himself with throwing croissants, because — Well, why not? The game itself is more than a little ridiculous, but weirdly charming in the ways in which it simultaneously satirizes and appeals to Kanye’s delusions of grandeur. (He does, after all, save the world in the far future, and the game ends with him declaring himself a god.)

Sadly, the game is only available for Windows, although other machines can run it using a Windows emulator. But if there were ever a Kickstarter, I’d be willing to back–or something that Kanye himself could support in his role as the Steve Jobs of the Internet–it’d be making sure this reaches as many people as possible. The entire world needs to go on a Kanye Quest, even if it doesn’t know it yet.

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Drew Pierce

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