“You know how rappers are asked to freestyle whenever they stop by a radio show these days? Well, anyone who’s followed these shows knows full well that they’re not some new phenomenon. In fact, they have been going on since the 1980s. Need some evidence: Famed British DJ/personality Tim Westwood has unearthed a video of him and Will Smith, then known as the Fresh Prince, discussing the young rapper’s career. They also talk about his work with DJ Jazzy Jeff before Smith is asked to “freestyle.”

I put quotation marks around freestyle because, as you’ll see, this isn’t anything but an off-the-top series of rhymes. That should be obvious given how animated and sing-song-y it all is, but still. The outtakes at the end might be the best part of all this.”

[via potholesinmyblog]


Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince

Drew Pierce

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