“Bittersweet news has recently surfaced that for the past two years, 19-year-old Frances Bean Cobain has controlled all rights to Kurt Cobain’s likeness, name and appearance. Courtney Love now has nearly no say in anything regarding her late husband.

In 2009, Love lost custody of her daughter due to drug abuse and violence; and the following year saw Frances Bean taking control of all rights to the Cobain name. In fact, Courtney no longer serves as Acting Manager of End of Music, LLC., the business responsible for making money through Cobain’s publicity rights. Courtney stepped down after taking a $2.75 million loan from her daughter’s trust fund in 2010. In order to earn any money through the Cobain name in the future, Courtney must pay back the loan in full. Courtney also no longer has the rights to Cobain’s songs. Larry Mestel of Primary Wave Music own’s 100-percent of the administrative rights, meaning only Mestel and Primary Wave can decide how Cobain’s music is used. Hence the use of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in The Muppets.”

Despite all this dim news, however, Courtney recently performed with the original lineup of Hole. She also has a gallery showing at Fred Torres Collaborations in New York. Her collection of her drawings, titled “And She’s Not Even Pretty,” will be on display through June 15.”

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Drew Pierce

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