Though Tyga’s acronymous name (Thank You God Always) might’ve won a bit of his affection, we’re betting Martin Luther King, Jr. probably wouldn’t have approved of the Young Money rapper’s music. If it were true, Dr. King would be pretty satisfied this week: The chart-topping “Rack City” rapper failed to get a sample on the title track of his sophomore album Careless World cleared before it dropped on Tuesday. As a result, Young Money had to recall the 150,000 physical copies they shipped across the U.S. for the debut, according to Billboard. And the sample that was waiting for approval? A clip of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. And this is why we can’t have nice things, Tyga.


Of course, the recall didn’t collect all market copies of the record; whether retailers had already begun selling before they heard, or whether they didn’t get the message at all, many fans, according to the Young Money rapper (who gave a post-recall interview to V-103), have popped up on Twitter in the following days with photos of their CDs.


Apparently, though, the clearance to use the sample was all but wrapped up. By yesterday, new shipments of the CDs, now okayed with Dr. King’s people, had been re-released on the market. The damage has already been more or less done, however. As result of this little hiccup, Careless World won’t have sold as many copies as it could have its first week, and is expected to suffer on the Billboard 200 chart when sales figures come out next week. Why couldn’t Young Money delay the album by a week, giving the record a whole, clean seven days of physical sales to get Tyga his Top 10 slot? Well, probably because fans would be disappointed, retailers would be pissed, and the label would miss out on all-press-is-good-press coverage like this.


Let’s hope the “dream” Tyga needed to convey, the one that cost him and Young Money those crucial first-week numbers, is not one about a strip club again. [via Spin]

Drew Pierce

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