A music service called Pulselocker is promising the holy grail to DJs — access to a massive jukebox in the sky without latency or DRM.

While many DJs have happily made the transition over to MP3s and laptops, they haven’t been able to take advantage of streaming services like Spotify for two reasons. The first is that any latency or lag can kill a dance floor. The second is that many DJs have a favourite bit of software to use, and won’t move to something else unless it replaces it perfectly.

Pulselocker’s solution is ingenious. Instead of delivering DRMed music files to a specialised bit of software, like Spotify does, it creates a hidden folder on your computer that music is downloaded to but that the user is prohibited from accessing. Instead, only certain, certified software has access to the music files contained within.

That software so far includes DJ favourites like Traktor and Serato, and the team promises support for more programs in the future, including Djay. Once the user downloads the files through the Pulselocker software, any enabled app can then access that library.

Speaking of library, Pulselocker promises that it’ll have five million tracks available by the end of 2012, and has already signed up a number of indie distributers, including INgrooves, Fontana, The Orchard, Believe Digital, PIAS, Valleyarm, Virtual Label, Republic of Music, SRD and Essential Music.

Pricing is based on use. Ten tracks costs $10/month (£6ish) whereas 1,000 tracks can be yours for $70/month (£44 or so). They come in the form of 320Kbps AAC/M4A files. If the DJ particularly likes a track, they can keep it permanently with a one-off payment, freeing up space in their subscription folder.

For the time being, the software is in private beta, and it’s Mac-only. But if you’d like to request an invite, head on over to Pulselocker.

[via wired]

Drew Pierce

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