“I’ve been fortunate enough to DJ all over the world. Over the course of my career I’ve played on every continent except one, Antarctica. I think as an artist you should always be pushing the boundaries of what you can do and that’s when the most creativity sparks. I always talk in interviews that I want to do more. So when I was approached about doing this trip to Antarctica, I knew this was my chance to do what no other Dj has done before and play music in a setting that only few have experienced. The goal of this trip was to raise awareness around preserving one of the most delicate and special ecosystems that exists on our planet while accomplishing something that has been on my bucket list for a while. We made sure to follow all strict land guidelines to bring a video to life that not only captures my set but the beautiful untouched landscape of the Antarctic. I did taste 2 million year old ice lol (don’t tell anyone). After being on hold for a few hours for weather, we got the go ahead to perform on the helipad of the boat and made it a priority to focus on 3 things. My set, the music, and the landscape. I just watched the video back. It’s one of my favorite sets I’ve ever posted to YouTube (and I’m not just saying that). ”



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