What up everyone, it’s Jason Jani and in this video, we confront the question, Yes or No – Should DJs be Scratching at Weddings …. and I am proud to bring my dude Jason Cohen – DJ Demand into the video for an honest discussion on this topic that so many people feel strongly about. For years, we have been doing it and believe if you can scratch and are able to incorporate it into your performances you can enhance your performances.

In this video, we discuss why we think it is important for the modern event DJ to understand how to do a few scratches, how we use scratching, and our thoughts supporting our ideas.

Now there will be a ton of DJs that think it doesn’t matter, mainly bc they don’t know how to and cant, but we do it at @SCE Event Group​ and it has allowed us to earn relationships and even get more bookings.

Additionally, Demand and Jani will be releasing some quick learning videos in the days and weeks ahead giving some basic instruction on some useable easy, intermediate, and more advanced scratches that mobile and event DJs can incorporate into their events in the weeks ahead so we would love your support on the channel and hope you consider joining us for the tutorial style scratch videos.



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