If you’re going to be a DJ, then you better know what it feels like to get out there and dance. That’s the first thing James took away from his uncle. Raised in Sacramento, CA he got his first exposure to music in the back seat of his mom’s blue Volvo. Listening to her selection of R&B, Soul, Smooth Jazz, and more led him to picking up the trumpet and teaching himself how to play piano by ear. He wanted to be an engineer until he watched his uncle DJ a family BBQ. When everyone started to dance he realized, “the DJ is being paid to people watch and figure out what song will make them move.” After receiving a set of turntables for Xmas, he started djing weddings and house parties. He made his club debut at 16 years at the Purple Martini in southern California.

James resides in Chico, CA and holds a residency at The Beach Nightclub and plays out of
town regularly. If you’re at a party with James you’ll always have one thing.
“Permission to groove freely”



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