Maybe you have been one of the over 25 million listens to Fuseamania on FitRadio…Or maybe your one of 100 thousand followers …Maybe you have heard him on the Kidd Kraddick Morning show that’s syndicated to over 60 stations nationwide… Fuse’s relationship with music of the moment, and music of the past is well rounded enough to be at home at any party or promotion. With thousands of his own custom DJ edits (exclusively featured on, and boasting a style of his own remixes, and unique word play. Fuse prides himself by defining, and enhancing your nights – moving with the latest trends, but yet never too far from our favorites of the past. With a rap sheet of success to wave from Caesar’s Entertainment, to Redbull, as well as playing gigs all up & down the Midwest & East coast. He remains a favorite, and the “go to” for bringing the music to the masses. Also aside to djing under the name Fuseamania, Fuse is one half of the production due ’Tofu Musik”.



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