In middle school, some people just know they wanna be doctors or veterinarians, writers or rock stars, but Skyy Goldwynne? He knew he wanted to manage.

“I don’t even know how many people I manage now,” Goldwynne says in a gold-trimmed bath robe. He lounges in his posh Los Angeles home, surrounded by accolades and expensive decor. Of course, Goldwynne is just Dillon Francis playing a perfect caricature of LA’s egotistical and aggrandized entertainment moguls, and this is only the first 30 seconds of his new full-length web series Like & Subscribe.

The show first gained notoriety from a promotional stunt that invited “influencers” to have their picture taken in front of a mural in Los Angeles. You couldn’t even see the mural unless you had a Verified check mark or more than 20,000 social media followers. The show centers on Francis as Goldwynne, the most successful manager in Hollywood, as he tries to capitalize on bad press by locking four of his most famous influencer clients into a house where they’re forced to make content. It’s as ridiculous as it sounds, and it definitely takes the piss out of an absurd industry.

Like & Subscribe was originally planned to air earlier this year, but when the show’s original platform folded, Funny or Die gave it a new start. The first episode is on YouTube right now.

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