Let the Record Show, the crate-dug interview series in which artists discuss their favorite songs of all time as the tracks spin on vinyl, continues its second season today with Atmosphere’s Slug.

Turning the concept of the series on its ear, Slug (aka Sean Daley) allows hosts Mike Pizzo and Warren Peace to select each of the records to be featured in the episode with one qualifier: They must be all Prince songs, pre-Batman soundtrack.

In one of the funniest and musically rich episodes of the series to date, Slug reveals intimate details of growing up in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the 1980s, a town where the spirit of Prince loomed over the city. From lip-syncing ballads to rhyming a cappella over rare Prince picture discs, the episode has it all, including a rare promo copy of the coveted “Black Album.” Plus, we get the latest update on the release of Slug’s fabled collaborative album with Alchemist entitled Lake Minnetonka.

Listen to the songs discussed in the episode via Spotify HERE

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