Don’t mistake pillowy softness for physical weakness, at least not in the case of Marshmello. In another brilliant marketing move from electronic music’s most saccharine sonic personality, Mello briefly stepped away from the decks to appear on TV show sensation American Ninja Warrior. The game show proves to be a true test of physical dexterity for its competitors, who attempt to complete an excruciatingly exerting obstacle course in order to reach Mount Midoriyama.

Now in its tenth season, American Ninja Warrior observes contestants as they progress through different and increasingly challenging stages of the course. Although few who aspire to reach Mount Midoriyama actually finish the challenge, the “anonymous” bucket-headed beatmaker managed to find superhuman strength in his cameo on the course. Perhaps all of that synchronized jumping to drops paid off for the “You Can Cry” producer, who deftly navigated the laborious landscape with surprising stamina. Or maybe the real Marshmello was off playing Fortnite somewhere while someone more acrobatically inclined donned the helmet for American Ninja Warrior? We may never know.

[via dancing astronaut]



Drew Pierce

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