Direct Music Service is proud to announce the launch of the Android version of the DMS Mobile App in the Google Play Store! The DMS mobile app changes the way DJs work allowing you to search, listen and send music to your personal Dropbox from wherever you are. Along with the Android version, the iOS version has a fresh update as well. Both the Android & iOS version feature these brand new features:

— Our popular Top downloads feature from the website has now been integrated directly into our mobile app! Instantly see the top downloads for each (or all) genres for the past week, 3 months or 6 months.

— Longer track titles now scroll so you can see the entire title

— You can now listen to tracks with the mute button on

— Keep listening to tracks even with your screen locked

— You can now join DMS directly from our mobile app using either PayPal OR a major credit card!




Drew Pierce

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