A documentary on the one and only Missy Elliott is being made.

Upon releasing her new track (and its accompanying music video) “I’m Better,” Missy also revealed that she will be releasing a documentary on her career some time this year.

In the almost minute and a half teaser trailer the artist starts off by discussing her creative process: how she envisions a song being not only sonically but visually.

From there a number of artists are shown speaking on Missy’s influence.

“She came out of nowhere and just completely blew people away,” Pharrell offers in one scene, while Busta Rhymes adds “She just came out of nowhere with this frenzy of not only being a dope female MC, but being unlike any other female MC prior to her.”

No other details are given in regards to the documentary, but hopefully it foreshadows more to come from Missy before the end of the year.

[via okayplayer]



Drew Pierce

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