Kraftwerk are well known for being secretive about their recording setup and live rigs, but a YouTube posted last month appears to expose the electronic music pioneers’ live equipment, and it’s probably going to ruffle the feathers of the analogue perverts amongst us.

Filmed at the group’s recent gig at Paradiso in Amsterdam, we can see an array of screens, neon buttons and touch-sensitive pads, which have been identified by writer Peter Kirn at Create Digital Music. Peter reckons he sees a Novation ReMOTE ZeRO SL controller, an MK I Maschine drum machine controller, MIDI keyboards, and even an iPad which some speculated was being used to check email…

This is sure to shatter the dreams of the dusty tube sniffers as no one could deny that Kraftwerk are more of less considered to be the pioneers of analogue electronic music. Turns out a couple of MIDI keyboards are a bit easier to drag around than the behemothic modular synths of yore.

[via mixmag]



Drew Pierce

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