As rapid listeners and hip-hop nerds, we tend to forget that this genre is only 30-odd years old, with the supposed “Golden Age” happening less than two decades ago. As time passes and what’s current and relevant in hip-hop become footnotes—markers if you will—to what’s poppin’ today, OGs start peeling back the curtain. Funkmaster Flex is about to do just that.

Partnering up with Simon & Schuster and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Karen Hunter (who’s co-authored best-selling books with Queen Latifah, Donda West, Al Sharpton, LL Cool J, Wendy Williams, and many more), Flex is set to drop knowledge bombs on all of us.

While Flex probably has like 100 books worth of industry stories to share, he’s only focusing on his experiences with one transcendent artist: The Notorious B.I.G. Flex was a huge part of Biggie’s early career, giving him his first major radio show interview and helping Big connect with other upcoming Golden Age superstars like Nas. Flex and Hunter should be able to deliver plenty of previously untold and wholly important anecdotes about Big’s life and career—more than whatever the movie and other biographies have been able to offer. Listen to the Flex’s first interview with Big above.

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Drew Pierce

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