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Over the last few days, DJ-centric media has started latching to an upcoming change in Facebook’s Terms and Conditions for Pages. The change will effectively eliminate “Like To Download” applications that exchange download access to songs, remixes, soundpacks, etc. in return for a press of the Like button on a page. As much as many artists might to claim that “the sky is falling!”, it’s actually reflective of a continued downward spiral of the platform.

The truth is that Facebook likes have continually been decreasing in value for years, following a parallel trend in a lot of other engagement metrics on the social media giant. As advertising revenue has gone up, we’ve seen a marked decrease in organic page reach and an influx of bogus Likes from bots and click farms. We’ve seen all kinds of pages resorting to posting funny/stupid/shocking videos and other content to increase engagement at any cost (see a DJ-producer example below).


[via djtechtools]

Drew Pierce

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