Ron Howard, a legend in the TV and film industry, gets a crash course in DJing by none other than Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex. Even though he has one of the best in the business giving him tips, Howard struggles with getting the headphones on and eventually decides to leave it to the pro (making the video so much more enjoyable to watch). This little backstage clip is a part of Howard’s latest documentary about Jay Z’s multi-genre Made in America festival. The rap legend is also shown in this scene, as he shares his thoughts on dance music and why it is here to stay:

“EDM music, people are dismissing as a fad, sort of like they did hip-hop. I think it’s gonna be a bit more sticky. I think it’s the music of the next generation… They’ll buy other music, but it’s like, OK, this music is ours.”

[via edmtunes]

Drew Pierce

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