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“Here’s something EVERY professional DJ should consider contributing to: “Soundtrack: The Story of the DJ.” It’s a new kickstarter project by my friend DJ Zimmie that traces the evolution of the DJ from it’s very beginnings. Why is this important for you? Because it’s OUR story, the story of the DJ, and this project will help bring the art of the DJ’ing to the forefront and in the minds of people who might normally be beyond our reach. This, in turn, helps our craft move forward with new opportunities, more recognition and a better awareness of what it takes to be good at our job. Please consider donating today, every little bit helps. In the long run, projects like this will be a major benefit to the profession we all know & love. Thanks!”

A Plea to DJs-

Hello. I’m DJ Zimmie. If you don’t know me, everything you’d want to know about me can be found on I’ve been a professional DJ for over a decade and music is my life and my passion. I’m in the fundraising process of making a documentary about DJing entitled “Soundtrack: The Story of the DJ”. You can check out the Kickstarter for it here:

As of this writing, I am 17 days into my 30 day campaign and have reached only 7% funding of my goal of $105,000. I have 105 backers and the overwhelming majority of them are not DJs. If you’re a DJ and you know about the project and haven’t donated, please do so now. If you’re a DJ and you’re not donating, I’m interested to know why you’re not. The Kickstarter project has been shared on Facebook over 1,000 times which means that over 900 people thought it was a good enough idea to share, but not a good enough idea to donate $1.

Kickstarter campaigns are all-or-nothing funding. This means that if I raise $1 less than $105k, I get $0. This money doesn’t go in my pocket. It goes toward film crews, travel expenses for interviews, legal work, etc. If you’re a DJ, this documentary is YOUR STORY. I’m not asking for large donations, anything helps. If a lot of DJs give a little, we’ll have more than enough. The best scenario is 105,000 people giving $1. That means 105,000 people know about the movie and support it. For the cost of a latte you can have your name in the credits of a movie you helped to make about what you love. There are tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of DJs. It’s gonna take more than a handful to tell this story.

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