Esteemed music journalist John Doran meets Dizzee Rascal in the 10th and final chapter of the series of The British Masters. So far, John has interviewed some of the most influential and colourful characters in British popular music history, including Johnny Marr, Bryan Ferry and Adam Ant.

In John’s own words: “Cutting his teeth as an MC in his early teens, Dizzee wasn’t even out of school when he was one of small group of rappers and producers responsible for the birth of grime. Just 10 years ago he released the genre-defining ‘Boy in da Corner’ which deservedly won him the Mercury Prize. Since then he has turned his attentions almost effortlessly to the pop charts. With five number 1’s under his belt, I get the feeling he is only just warming up, and his eyes are squarely on the international crown.”



Drew Pierce

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