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Diane Martel, the mastermind/smut-peddler (depending on your perspective) behind Robin Thicke‘s blockbuster “Blurred Lines” video, recently spoke to MTV News about the controversial clip, revealing that she would not compromise on her nude vision. In fact, she almost dropped out altogether when Thicke et al. wanted to scrap the NSFW idea. As a compromise, Martel agreed to film an alternate clothed version as a favor.

“I wrote the idea as a nude video and refused to do the job when they said they didn’t want a nude version,” Martel said. “A week went by and they begged me to do it and said I could do a nude version, if I also did them a favor and did a dressed version.” Martel also said she made sure everyone involved in the video shoot was comfortable with the nudity — to reduce sexual tension on set she hired an all-female crew.

Previously, Thicke revealed that he was afraid of the video coming off as “sleazy” and wasn’t going to release it, but that his wife Paula Patton insisted that he release both versions.

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Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines

Watch the XXX (NSFW) version after the jump.

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