15 Levels of Turntable Scratching: Easy to Complex | WIRED

Turntablism is the art of using the turntable as a musical instrument. DJ Shortkut explains turntablism in 15 levels of difficulty, from easy to complex. Shortkut starts with the very

“Beaver Action” Joel Corry plays Innuendo Bingo | BBC Radio1

“Joel Corry pops his head in a big plastic box and plays Innuendo Bingo with Chris Stark. Featuring lots of beaver action.” DOWNLOAD JOEL CORRY ON DMS.

The Black Keys Dissect ‘Howlin’ for You’ And Show How It Influenced ‘Dropout Boogie’ | The Breakdown

“The Black Keys paid homage to the blues music that made them a band on last year’s Delta Kream. On Dropout Boogie, the follow-up to Delta Kream and their 11th