Nearly ten years after their debut, Sam Smith is releasing their deepest album yet: ‘Gloria’. Sam meets up with Zane Lowe in New York for a wide-ranging conversation ahead of their Saturday Night Live performance.

Sam Smith discusses how ‘In the Lonely Hour’ feels in hindsight’, and reveals how years of playing into a character separated their public and private lives, making many people around them resistant to the more sexualized direction of ‘Gloria.’ Sam reveals the personal struggles that they’ve conquered to get to where they are today, including homophobia, transphobia, OCD, and body dysmorphia, and how music remained their saving grace.

Despite all the hardships, Sam celebrates recent wins, like being invited to the White House with President Biden, performing with Kim Petras and Sharon Stone on Saturday Night Live, and going on tour again with their most authentic music yet. The conversation concludes with Sam expressing how excited they are to continue to be the most real version of themselves.



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