“In this episode @Drew Pierce, and @Fuseamania sit down with the Legendary @Chris Cox! In this episode we chat with Chris all things dj. He’s back to a crazy touring schedule, and we are happy to have gotten some time from him to record this amazing episode. We get to hear a story about how Chris was once on stage with Cher, and how he once roadied for a day with The Ramones. We Also chat about his time touring with Jane’s Addiction, and Perry Farrell, who also founded Lollapalooza. We chat with Chris about his large production catalog (700 Tracks), and how he has had over 60 Billboard Dance Chart Number 1’s. We enjoyed this episode so much! Make sure you tune in, and check this one out, it’s a great listen! As always keep tagging us that you are listening, and make sure you like, follow, subscribe, download, and all that good stuff!”



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